Venom Supplies PTY LTD

Antibodies - Antisera

Toxin polyclonal antibodies (rabbit, freeze dried)US$/2mlUS$/5ml
anti-Pseudonaja textilis prothrombin activator antiserum $220 $420
anti-Notechis scutatus prothrombin activator antiserum $220 $420
anti-Oxyuranus scutellatus prothrombin activator antiserum $220 $420
anti-Oxyuranus microlepidotus prothrombin activator antiserum $220 $420
anti-notexin antiserum $300 $600
anti-taipoxin antiserum $300 $600
anti-paradoxin $300 $600
anti-textilotoxin antiserum $300 $600
anti-mulgatoxin antiserum $300 $600
anti-ecarin antiserum $500 $1000

(Antibody titre can be defined if required or working dilution given for enzymeimmunoassay and Western blotting).

F(ab')2, Ig and IgG purifications can be prepared in 4 weeks, and the prices for either 2 or 5 mg of these will be 3 times the antiserum prices above for 2ml and 5ml quantities.

Note: All prices above are in US dollars. For Australian customers, add GST.