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Cobra Venom Factor

Cobra Venom Anticomplementary Protein. Used for immuno-suppression, decomplementing blood in vivo & in vitro.
Dosage for mice is about 1µg per gram of body weight.
Isolated From: Naja melanoleuca
Purified: By Affinity Column chromatography (Patent pending).
Purity: One major protein band on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
MW: about 150 kDa.

Packaging: lyophilised powder containing 90% protein (BCA protein assay): Balance NaCl. Ask for activity details in vivo.

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis showing the effect of pure CVF on the consumption of complement C3 in the blood of mice.

Mice where given a single injection ( IP) of pure Cobra Venom Factor (purified from the venom of Naja melanoleuca or Naja kaouthia, 25 µg/mice was injected) (CVF from Venom Supplies Pty Ltd). Blood sample was taken at the designated time intervals. SDS-PAGE immuno blot, using a C3 alpha chain specific antibody was used to demonstrate the consumption of C3 alpha chain in the blood. Both Pure CVF from N. kaouthia and N. melanoleuca had the ability to activate the complement pathway, and to cause the depletion of complement in blood as is seen by the initial disappearance of the C3 alpha chain in the blood and the subsequent reappearance of newly synthesised C3 alpha chain.

(Electrophoreis gel data supplied by Dr A Manderson, Division of Immunology & Cell Biology, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, ANU, Off Wards Rd Acton ACT 2601. Email:

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