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Preparing tubes for tree growingSchubert EstateWhen using resources it is important to put something back into the environment.

A report written for the Federal Government entitled:

The Action Plan for Australian Reptiles. Australian Nature Conservation Agency. Endangered Species Program. Project Number 124. Cogger, H.G., Cameron, E.E., Dadlier, R.A. and Eggler, P., all processes causing the decline of reptile species were either attributed to habitat loss and the impact of feral animals.

Venom Supplies Pty Ltd is heavily involved with habitat rehabilitation in the local area.

To the right examples of Venom Supplies Pty Ltd involvement in habitat rehabilitation:

Other revegetation involvement:

2 properties at Greenock
Roadside vegetation Keyneton (Keyneton Primary School).
Assisted revegetation at Sabine Deisen’s place.
Supplied small parcels of trees and shrubs to many neighbours.
Landcare projects.
Pampa the Para

Current projects:

Have grown over 40,000 trees for the local community:
Matiske Rd properties.
Deisen Wines
Removal of exotic pest trees from Mattiske Lane & Hanisch Rd

Revegetation at Schubert estate.