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Lowland Copperhead Austrelaps superbus

Copperheads are very shy retiring snakes. They are prolific breeders and, like tiger snakes, rely heavily on frogs. They are more likely to be seen earlier in the season, as they prefer cool weather. It is usually found around water.

Not much is known about the venom. It is known to have a neurotoxin and its venom also has a powerful anticoagulant. The venom is myotoxic and is a moderate activator of complement. Their young are born live.

Antivenom:  CSL Ltd tiger snake antivenom.
Use polyvalent antivenom in the absence of specific Tiger Snake antivenom

Pygmy Copperhead Austrelaps labialis

The pygmy copperhead occurs in the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. It is now rare in the Adelaide Hills and Fleureiu Peninsula and is listed as threatened in those areas. It feeds on small skinks. Its venom is assumed to be similar to that of the lowland copperhead, Austrelaps labialis however venom yields are much lower.