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Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan Oxyuranus microlepidotus

The inland taipan occurs in the dry northeast of South Australia. It has been recorded as far south as Coober Pedy and as far east as Goyders Lagoon. It occurs on open flood plains of the channel country, adjacent gibber and the sandy hills between the flood plains. It seems to be associated with the food mammal sources of the longhaired rat Rattus villosissimus and plains rat Pseudomys australis and possibly other small mammals.

Unlike many other Australian venomous snakes, this species seems to rely almost entirely on mammals for food once they are mature.

The venom of this species is highly toxic and has been shown to be the most toxic in the world when mice are used as test animals. On this scale it is about 50 times more toxic than the Asian cobra, Naja naja.

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Use polyvalent antivenom in the absence of specific Taipan antivenom