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First Aid

Snake bite can occur anywhere in Australia

1. Apply a broad pressure bandage over the bite site as soon as possible. Crepe bandages are ideal, but any flexible material may be used. Clothing, towels etc may be torn into strips. Panty hose have been successfully used. Do not take off clothing, as the movement of doing so will promote the movement of venom into the blood stream. Keep the bitten limb, and the patient, still. Bandage upwards from the lower portion of the bitten limb. Even though a little venom may be squeezed upwards, the bandage will be more comfortable, and therefore can be left in place for longer if required.

2. The bandage should be as tight as you would apply to a sprained ankle 

3. Extend the bandage as high as possible up the limb 

4. Apply a splint to the leg. Any rigid object may be used as a splint. e.g. spade, piece of wood or tree branch, rolled up newspapers etc. 

5. Bind it firmly to as much of the leg as possible. Keep the patient still. Lie the patient down to prevent walking or moving around